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Every case we buy or fund always includes a first rate solicitor and bar team.

We do not operate any form of panel – if you bring us the case, you get to work on it with us. If the IP wants your firm on the case, you are instructed/remain instructed.

Unlike some other funders we have no organisational or shareholding relationship with a fellow “group” solicitor firm, nor do we own any part of a legal services business. We are completely independent. We are here to support IP/solicitor relationships and not to displace them.

We receive a number of cases each month from IPs where there is no solicitor yet appointed - so once we get to know you, you will then be in line to be appointed on a number of those cases. In this way Manolete Partners soon becomes a major new repeat client with the solicitor firms we work with.

While working with us means working to agreed milestones and timetables (as you would with any sophisticated client), we never make our solicitors or barristers work contingently nor conditionally (unless they want to). We pay normal charge-out rates, on a timely basis - according to the budget that we have agreed with you. Invoices are usually paid within 48 hours.

We have worked with all of the leading and boutique specialist insolvency solicitors firms and barristers chambers in the UK insolvency market – usually on multiple occasions.