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We are delighted to announce that last week we signed our 100th insolvency litigation case.
To celebrate this important milestone, we have made a £1,000 donation to The Tear Fund – the charity nominated by Coffin Mew Solicitors and IP firm, Stonham .Co, who referred the 100th case to us.
Looking across the 100 cases: the claims range from small Director’s Loan Account recoveries of just £20,000 through to major claims against Insurance Companies and Government Organisations for £10-20m and above. The average case size is around £150,000. On average it takes us a little over 6 months to close cases. Many of the smaller cases are typically settled in just a few weeks.
Probably the most startling statistic is that Manolete Partners has never lost a single case. Across all 100 cases we have never paid a single penny towards the other side’s costs, nor have we ever had to call on an ATE policy (which we use very rarely – just three times over the 100 cases).
We would like to thank the many hundreds of Insolvency Practitioners, and their hard-working staff, and Insolvency Solicitors who have worked with us to date.
We look forward to continuing the tremendous work we do together with you all.
Best wishes,
Steven Cooklin
Chief Executive

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