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We are pleased to announce that Graham Rumney has joined Manolete Partners Plc as a non-executive Strategic Advisor. Graham is the Chief Executive of R3 and has held that role since 2005. R3 is the largest trade association of insolvency and restructuring professionals in the UK. R3 members represent 97% of insolvency professionals in the UK.

Manolete Partners has had a close working relationship with R3 over the last 3 years, sponsoring and presenting at numerous events throughout the UK.

Graham has also worked in management roles at Barclays, and as a secondee to the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority; and is a member of the Advisory Panel of the Chartered Banker: Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB).

We will be adding further high-level members to form an Advisory Board Committee based around Graham’s appointment.

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For further information:

Steven Cooklin ACA ASI CF
Chief Executive Officer
Manolete Partners PLC

Tel: 01494 618520

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