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Manolete Partners PLC provides an array of funding and case management solutions exclusively to the Insolvency profession

We either buy claims outright or fund Insolvency Practitioners to pursue claims. In both instances, we pay an amount in cash upfront, we pay all of the costs and disbursements (including ATE and Security for Costs orders) and share the net proceeds with you

Where the legal action is owned by the insolvent entity, we can take full ownership of the case and transfer all risks and costs to ourselves. We pay an initial amount, in cash, upfront and then a substantial share of the net proceeds back to you. We will also consider paying in full upfront

Where the case must be in the Insolvency Practitioner’s name (as we are funding him/her to exercise statutory powers) we supply a comprehensive funding package and adverse cost protection. Upon signing a Funding Agreement with you we again pay an initial amount upfront and then take a pre-agreed share of the net proceeds. All costs are for our account

We have a strong track record of working with the full spectrum of insolvency practices throughout the UK and can provide first class references

There is no minimum case size - if it makes commercial sense then we'll be interested

You will never be asked to pay for anything and there are no hidden consultancy fees

Our products and solutions have been designed by the very best insolvency barristers in the UK

Alongside tailored funding solutions, we normally take over the day-to-day management of cases, releasing you to focus on your core activities – there is no extra cost whatsoever for this service

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